Every Writer Needs to Hear This (I Wish I Knew It Sooner)

Ignore it. And watch those wheels spin.

Harry Graham
3 min readNov 17, 2020


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Spend a lot of time learning about writing?

Plotting, planning, and gaining “valuable” advice?

When I started my copywriting journey I consumed everything out there.

I mean everything.

I followed the top youtube channels, followed the pros on Instagram, and listened to any podcast going on the subject.

Every time I saw the word “copywriting” it sucked me in. I thought I was doing the right thing.

In fairness, I learned a lot about the industry…

I learned where to start and position myself.

But you know what it didn’t teach me?

How to actually write.

And this goes for any kind of writing…

You see, the content creators are good at what they do of course. But naturally, they create compelling content so you become obsessed with them.

That was me.

And sure that’s fine…

But this quote stopped me right in my tracks:

“Create before you consume.”

And listen up, that quote right there is the holy grail.

I mean it.

I challenge you to pause for a moment and watch your brain take it in…

“Create before you consume.”

What does that mean to you?

Look, the whole point of copywriting is for the prospect to consume products, courses, or simply attention-grabbing content.

By consuming content non-stop you’re actually your own prey.

I’m not shaming anyone. But I’ve got you right now, haven’t I?

You need to understand this.

I live by it daily now, I make a habit to sit and work on my own stuff first. And then reward myself later.

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I want you to think of the internet like a candy store…

There’s so much you’d like to eat, but you only have so much moolah in your pocket.

And you know where the spare change comes from?

You guessed it… creating, providing value, or good old hard work.

So consumption is fine, but you’ve gotta create first!

In practice, this is tough, it’s an addiction. (Thanks, dopamine!)

But you’ve got to take it seriously.

Think about it like this…

Would you rather turn on your PC, get it done, and then go do what you want to do… play with your kids, skateboard, cook an awesome meal.

Or would you rather get sucked into something repeating something you already know?

That’s on you.

But here’s some gold for you right here…

If you are consuming, don’t passively do it, actively do it!

This article you’re reading… can you guess where the idea came from?

Someone else’s content.

Content is just regurgitated value!

So next time you consume, keep a pen, listen, and come up with ideas for yourself.

Heck, spin-off this if you like… I’d love it if it did… spread the creation message!

So if there’s one thing I want you to do… create before you consume.

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Harry Graham

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