How to Flood Buyers With Confidence on Your SaaS Landing Page

We “think” we buy things with carefully calculated decisions…

But humans are actually terrible decision-makers!

In fact, our feelings and unconscious urges are what drives us to buy.

In SaaS, you’d think it’s easy to compare similar products with logic.

Take website hosting for example…

Features like uptime, price, and ease of getting started are easy to compare to find your best bet. But this can lead to analysis paralysis…


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And if you’re anything like me, I bet I’d find you flicking through forums and reviews for someone who made a similar decision…

So you too can go with the “popular” solution.

That’s what really gives you the final “nudge” to hit buy!

I want to help you give your buyers an instant “nudge” and let them skip the comparison step entirely!

And“flood” them with confidence.

We’re going to use WPEngine’s landing page as our example!

Now SaaS landers go, WPEngine’s landing page is pretty typical.

Above the fold looks like this…

WPEngine website found here

Solid value proposition, headline, and a few big customers/numbers for proof. Great.

But it’s below I want to draw your attention to…

You get your typical benefit section below the hero section as you’d expect.

But I’ve circled how they spice things up…

WPEngine website found here

For each benefit, they’ve given a solid case study for where one of their customers used it to solve their specific problem.

Why does this work?

Make no mistake — These case studies aren’t random…

Through research, I can bet they targeted their buyer 3 main personas:

  • The marketer — worried about speed and conversions.
  • The security freak — worried about hosting security for precious data.
  • The designer/developer — wants the freedom to customize.

Now hopefully, you see where I’m going…

Instead of being like Oh yeah we’re fast AF, we’re safe AF and we’re customizable AF.

They prove it. They give you proof someone “just like you” solved their problem.

So you can put your mind at rest with the “me too” emotion…

Taking them to the other side of analysis paralysis molehill of all other options.

Take the security benefit for example…

If it’s safe enough for a national mortgage broker. It’s good for me too!

If you’re in a saturated niche like hosting where competing on price is the norm…

The “me too” emotion is the one to hit.

The question for you is, who are your personas? What “me too” feeling can you create?

But how do I get case studies?

Well, if you’ve already got customers that’s pretty easy…

A short phone call with a few loyal customers will do the trick for an incentive of course…

Or if you’re shy, email out a short survey with some kind of bonus.

Basically, you wanna know these simple questions…

  • What were you using before you found us?
  • What were the concerns or benefits we had that made you switch?
  • What was the result of going with us? Problem solved? Time/money saved?

And if you have no customers yet? Give the product to someone who needs help for free in return for them to report back on their experience!

If you dig deep enough through online reviews, youtube and your network might already have a case study for you to use already!

This is every SaaS fairytale in a nutshell…

Before I found X solution I was doing it this way… It was costing me X much time/money…

I subscribed to your solution and now I’m saving X time, making X more money, and X problems or worries are gone.

BAM. there it is.

Relentlessly collect customers’ stories.

Put them on landers, turn them into videos, put them in emails, blog topics for inbound, and even Facebook ad creatives for a whole lotta proof.

They are gold.

That’s how to go about storytelling in saas.

How to structure your case studies?

OK, I can see the power of case studies. But what do they actually look like?

Where does WPEngine’s case study tease lead to when you click it?

It leads to a standalone case study page for that persona benefit.

You can find it here.

It’s structured like this…

  • Challenge — company/individual backstory (more specific the better) and flesh out their fears, pain, or struggles.
  • Solution — The reason they chose to switch (benefits of your product).
  • Results — How much time or money they saved… How much better they sleep at night, you get the idea.

It’s important to structure it and not let the reader make much effort.

WP engine provides a “tldr” version that is super powerful for scroller and low attention spanners…

But then the longer copy below for those who really want to feel themselves inside the product!

So there you have it, stand out in your niche and go out and add some killer proof copy to your SaaS landing page!

Not sure where to start? Give me a shout here!



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